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On Holiday!

We are off diving in Mexico. If you could see the ice and snow in our front yard you would know why!


We will be closed from January 16th to January 26th, 2015
Any orders paid for by January 16th will be shipped before we leave.
All other orders or questions will be answered in sequence when we return.

We may or may not have internet access. If we can, we will put our pina coladas down long enough to reply to all our mail.


Come and browse our full line of Medieval Wares
Belts and belt fittings, games, fine jewelry in silver and gold, furniture, household goods, dress accessories and more!

Whether you are a medieval enthusiast, recreationist, or collector of history, you will find something to intrigue you at the Sign of The Fettered Cock!


As seen in Playboy!
January 2007 issue

To read the article,
click on the bunny icon!

Check out our full selection
of reproduction naughty badges!


We carry a full line Belt Fittings and Dress Accessories to suit even the most descriminating of medieval recreationists, all finely crafted in lead-free  pewter. They have all been individually hand-cast in soapstone molds, in a method virtually unchanged since Viking times. 

Visit our Belts Page!


Crowned "M"

Browse our large selection of reproduction
Pilgrim Signs and Badges, including religious, secular and "naughty" themes. All our badges are hand cast in traditional stone moulds for an authentic medieval look and feel.


Fine Jewelry in Silver and Gold

Sewing Supplies

New early period items have been added to our
Dark Ages Page, including replica
Roman/Celtic brooches

Snoods now availible in red, blue, green,
black and white

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