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 Pilgrim Badges Page Five
Fettered Cock Pewters


Come in and browse.   All prices are in US dollars.

Charm Style indicates that the badge is meant to be worn suspended
or sewn in place. Check out our Charm Hangers!

Pin Back indicates that the piece is cast with a medieval pin closure.

If you would like to know more about the medieval practice of pilgrimage and about pilgrims' badges and souvenirs, please visit our Pilgrimage Page.



St Lawrence $5

Based on a carved medieval relief.
St. Lawrence was a Roman martyr who was tortured and died for his faith roasted on a giant gridiron. It is reported that during his torture he called out to his guards saying "This side is done, turn me over and have a bite". For this reason he is both the patron saint of cooks and of comedians.

Medieval Pin Back
(size 25 mm X 40 mm)

St. Peter - Vatican City $5

Charm Style (size 40 mm X 40 mm)

St. Barbara $5

Reproduction. St. Barbara is the patron saint of artilerymen, miners, military engineers and mathematicians. She is invoked for protection against lightening and explosions. She is depicted holding the tower in which she was imprisoned and the palm frond of martyrdom.
Medieval Pin Back (size 29 mm X 40 mm)

Arbour of Love $5

Reproduction. At first glance this idyllic garden scene appears innocent until you realize it is the place where winged penises come to dance. Talk about your garden of earthly delights! This large charm is intended to be sewn in place on hoods, has or any place that needs special adornment.
Charm Style
(size 58 mm X 54 mm)

The Owl $5

Although revered by the Greeks, Romans and Celts as a symbol of wisdom and insight, during the Middle Ages, the owl became associated with witchcraft because of its nocturnal nature and its image was worn to ward off evil. In medieval period bestiaries, the owl was symbolic of the Jews who "preferred the night of their ignorance to the fair day of Christian belief".
Medieval Pin Back (size 35 mm X 38 mm)

Pilgrim Pecker $5

Here is a jaunty phallus all dressed up to leave on pilgrimage with his scrip (small bag) at his side. To see him on his way, an adoring lady is placing a crown on his head. He appears to have quite a head for adventure!
Medieval Pin Back (size 34 mm X 38 mm)






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