Viscount Menken Brechen

Menken Brechen is a Knight of the Society, Master of the Pelican, 10th Viscount of Ealdormere, Baron of the Court of the great Tadashi, and current Baron of Skraeling Althing. His persona is that of a 14th Century Knight in the service of Edward III.


Sir Menken has a feudal relationship with his Squires, a contract with
obligations binding on both parties. Menken's Squires are not servants. They
are at once his students, his apprentices, his protégés and his man-at-arms.
They are considered to be born of noble blood and are treated as such.

Menken's Squires pledge to strive to enhance their skills and to always uphold the ideals of chivalry, courtesy, valour and service that are the foundations of our Society. They swear to honour his lady, Dame Eleanor, also pledge their personal service to Menken as his Squire, and freely swear personal fealty to him, and through him, to the Crown of Ealdormere. In return, upon taking the Squire into his personal service, Menken pledges to protect and to nurture the Squire; to teach and otherwise encourage his development in the chivalric arts, courtesy and service; to provide what guidance and counsel he can; and to advance their cause when appropriate. Further, the Squires are promised always to have a seat at Menken's table and a dry place to sleep under his roof, and they will fall under his protection so long as he remains their Lord.

Menken presents each of his Squires with the traditional red belt as a sign of the feudal relationship they have entered into. Each of these belts has the gold edging that is unique to descendants of the great Duke Merowald, Earl of Sylveaston, to whom Menken himself was squired. Also as with Merowald before him, Menken's Squires do not wear unadorned silver chains. Menken's gold chain is symbolic of his fealty to the Crown of the Ealdormere; likewise, the Squire's belt is symbolic of their fealty to Menken, and through him to the Crown. They are given also a banner of the household badge so that all may know they represent House Fettered Fleur.

They display the household badge on a red field to symbolize their membership in the household as one of Sir Menken's dependents.

Master Brand Thorwaldsen

Brand Thorwaldsen von Branau is a Baron of the Court and a Master of the Pelican for his service as a herald to Princes and Kings of Ealdormere and the Midrealm, although he has enjoyed a colorful past as a mercenary, craftsman, archer, bard, historian, scribe, and general roustabout, known to his long-standing colleagues as Brand the Black. He is a 14th century German mercenary turned noble, exploring 1st century Ealdormere, and is married to Brianna Maginnis and is father to Otto the Black and Katerina Alexandrevich.

Protégés to Master Brand:
- HRM Genevieve de Rosse, Queen of Ealdormere
- THL Genevieve la Flechiere

Lord Benedict de Charteris

Benedict lived in the mid 14th Century. His father, a pious man who made frequent donations to the Cathedral in Chartres (France) made arrangements for his young son to enter into the service of a knight in fealty to the Black Prince. Young Benedict served as a page in the Battle of Crecy (1346) then more actively as his Knight's squire in the Battle of Poiters (1356).

In the SCA Benedict focuses on the martial arts, specifically sword & board. His motto is "Pudor Ante Gloriam" . On the rare occasions when he seeks his entertainments abroad, Benedict may be variously identified as "Menken Light" or the "Prodigal Squire". A red foil rookie card of this squire is currently worth 5 pounds sterling, in mint condition.

Lord Bertrand du Mez

Baron James Erec of York

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