House Fettered Fleur is the joint household of Viscount Menken Brechen
and Dame Eleanor Cadfan, in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Our medieval SCA household is dedicated to the
chivalric ideals of hospitality, courtesy and service, as well as the pursuit of excellence in both the martial and peaceful arts.

Viscount Menken is a Knight, Master of the Pelican and former (third) Baron of Skraeling Althing. Please visit his Squires Page for complete listing of his martial dependents and his Clerks Page for a complete listing of his service dependents.

Dame Eleanor Cadfan is a Mistress of the Pelican, former (third) Baroness of Skraeling Althing and Mistress of the Laurel and specializing in Metalwork and 14th century research.
Please visit her Apprentice Page for a complete list of her dependents. She is also the proprietor of Fettered Cock Pewters. Please visit her on-line shop or look for the sign of the Fettered Cock at the Pennsic War.

Members of the Household who are not dependants are listed on the Lords and Ladies of the Household Page.

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