These are the members of House Fettered Fleur who are Peers
and have household of their own. They have chosen to remain a part
of the household as Greater House Fettered Fleur.

Master Brand Thorwaldsen

Brand Thorwaldsen von Branau is a Baron of the Court and a Master of the Pelican for his service as a herald to Princes and Kings of Ealdormere and the Midrealm, although he has enjoyed a colourful past as a mercenary, craftsman, archer, bard, historian, scribe, and general roustabout, known to his long-standing colleagues as Brand the Black. He is a 14th century German mercenary turned noble, exploring 1st century Ealdormere, and is married to Brianna Maginnis and is father to Otto the Black and Katerina Alexandrevich.

Countess Genevieve de Rosse

Current Princess of Ealdormere

THL Genevieve la Flechiere

Her persona is that of a Norman lady raised in Durham, now under the rule of Henry, youngest son of the Conqueror.

She is currently soujourning in London on her return journey from the Holy Lands, and occasionally works at the Fettered Cock.

In Ealdormere she is a companion of the Order of the Wain, and holds awards for her service and contributions to the arts in Skraeling Althing.

Visit her London group at Thamesreach

Master Thevenin de la Côte d'Azure

He was elevated to the Order of the Laurel by King Roak and Queen Carlotta for his expertise in experimental archeology. While he is talented in a number of fields including research, carpentry and leatherwork, he is particularly known for his experiments in casting and metal smithing.

Master Thevenin has no apprentices at this time.


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