These are pictures of members of the household at many events
in and around Ealdormere.

The Bridge Battle At Pikeman's Pleasure

Cristabell fights Archibald

Brand cheerfully serving
his Feudal Masters!

Chequey comes in all sizes!
Menken rests as his son Aaron
acts as his page

Menken's Caviar
Bertrand, Menken and Benedict


The household makes it to a Pennsic postcard!
Ealdormere's own version of Where's Waldo. Can you spot Menken?
(Hint, there are two of "him"!)

Benedict becomes a squire

Wilhelm goes for the brass ring at the
Battle at Big Creek

Eleanor takes a stab at it at Bonfield

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We would like to thank all of those who donated photos for this page including Judy McKay, Speery and Kyle Andrews