These are pictures of members of the household at many events
in and around Ealdormere.

The Household at Bonfield X

Pedrolino and Wilhelm at play.
Playing chess in your underwear is fine,
if yours is authentic!

Household in Greyfells, 2002
Erec, Brand,Benedict, Menken, Eleanor and Genevieve

Wilhelm and Cristabell

Baron Menken and Baroness Eleanor
are the first Barons to wear
the Great Cloaks of Skraeling Althing.

Varenko becomes an apprentice

Eleanor's Pelican ceremony ends in a hug!

Eleanor and Streak

Eleanor demonstrating
casting to the public

Thevenin and his
Laurel "scroll"

Menken and Eleanor are approved by King Roak
and Queen Carlotta to become the next
Barons of Skraeling Althing

Merowald, Menken's former Knight

Sarah and Merowald

Eleanor with a Harris Hawk

Thev is happiest
discussing tools!

The Menken Challenge!

Every year at Pennsic War, House Fettered Fleur sponsors an armoured foot race up Runestone Hill. The race takes place at high noon, begins at Ealdormere Royal encampment at the bottom of the hill, and ends outside of Midrealm Royal encampment.

The finish line.

Sir Edward the Red wins...again!

The Fettered Cock Pewters Shop
at Pennsic War

The Sign of the Cock

Wilhelm is outstanding in his field!

Eleanor and Menken process at
Ealdormere's first Crown Tournament

The household in miniature!

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We would like to thank all of those who donated photos for this page including Judy McKay, Speery and Kyle Andrews