Viscount Menken Brechen

Menken Brechen is a Knight of the Society, Master of the Pelican, 10th Viscount of Ealdormere, Baron of the Court of the great Tadashi, and current Baron of Skraeling Althing. His persona is that of a 14th Century Knight in the service of Edward III.

Sir Menken has a feudal relationship with his Clerks (what some call "Protégés"), a contract with obligations binding on both parties. Menken's Clerks are not servants. They are at once his students, his apprentices and his protégés. They are considered to be born of noble blood and are treated as such.

Menken's Clerks pledge to strive to serve as best they may, and to always
uphold the ideals of chivalry, courtesy, valour and hospitality that are the
foundations of our Society. They swear to honour his lady, Dame Eleanor,
and also pledge their personal service to Menken as his Clerk, and freely swear personal fealty to him, and through him, to the Crown of Ealdormere. In return, upon taking the Clerk into his personal service, Menken pledges to protect and to nurture the Clerk; to teach and otherwise encourage their development in courtesy and service; to provide
what guidance and counsel he can; and to advance their cause when appropriate. Further, the Clerks are promised always to have a seat at Menken's table and a dry place to sleep under his roof, and they will fall under his protection so long as he remains their Lord.

Menken presents each of his Clerks with the traditional yellow belt as a sign of the feudal relationship they have entered into. They are given also a banner of the household badge so that all may know they represent House Fettered Fleur.

They display the household badge on a red field to symbolize their membership in the household as one of Sir Menken's dependents.

Baroness Brianna McGinnis

Brianna Maginnis is a Baroness of the Court, and 15th century irish noblewoman who delights in dancing and revelry, and has a sharp eye and nimble needle for beads, fine fabric, and jewelry. She took an interest in a german mercenary named Brand and groomed him beyond his common station, and from such endeavors has traveled from her villa in Tree-Girt-Sea province to live in Ealdormere with her husband and raise her two children Otto and Katerina. She sometimes misses the bustle of the Midrealm court, but keeps herself occupied by serving as a clerk to Sir Menken and a scribe to the Crown of Ealdormere.

Dame Eleanor Cadfan

Dame Eleanor is a Mistress of the Pelican, Mistress of the Laurel, Baroness of the Court of Duke Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson, and current Baroness of Skraeling Althing. Her persona is that of an English girdler and ampuller in the high Middle Ages, who keeps a modest shop in St. Martin's Lane, in London.

Dame Eleanor has no Proteges at this time.

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