Dame Eleanor Cadfan

Dame Eleanor is a Mistress of the Pelican, Mistress of the Laurel, Baroness of the Court of Duke Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson, and current Baroness of Skraeling Althing. Her persona is that of an English girdler and ampuller in the high Middle Ages, who keeps a modest shop in St. Martin's Lane, in London.

Dame Eleanor has a feudal relationship with her Apprentices, a contract with
obligations binding on both parties. Eleanor's Apprentices are not servants.
They are considered to be born of noble blood and are treated as such.

Eleanor's Apprentices pledge to strive to enhance their skills and to always uphold the ideals of chivalry, courtesy, hospitality and service that are the foundations of our Society. They swear to honour her lord, Sir Menken, and also pledge their personal service to Eleanor as her Apprentice, and freely swear personal fealty to her, and through her, to the Crown of Ealdormere. In return, upon taking the Apprentice into her personal service, Eleanor pledges to protect and to nurture the Apprentice; to teach and otherwise encourage their development in the arts, courtesy and service; to provide what guidance and counsel she can; and to advance their cause when appropriate. Further, the Apprentices are promised always to have a seat at Eleanor's table and a dry place to sleep under her roof, and they will fall under her protection so long as she remains their Dame.

Eleanor presents each of her Apprentices with a silver ring in the shape of a belt. Each ring is made anew for each Apprentice and no two rings are alike. They are given also a banner of the household badge so that all may know they represent House Fettered Fleur.

They display the household badge on a blue field to symbolize their membership in the household as one of Dame Eleanor's dependents.

Master Thevenin de la Côte d'Azure (Elevated)

He was elevated to the Order of the Laurel by King Roak and Queen Carlotta for his expertise in experimental archeology. While he is talented in a number of fields including research, carpentry and leatherwork, he is particularly known for his experiments in casting and metal smithing.

Lady Selena Fairhyrst

Selena Fairhyrst is the modest wife of a modest man. Dabbling in most household, and some metallurgic arts, she is quick of tongue and slight of hand. While not engaging in her daily routines of the 1350's, she is interested in researching the activities of her forefathers from the north, a task which often leaves her distracted from her familiar duties.

Lord Varakii Varenko Vlkavich

Lady Cristabell Wensleydale

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Herr Wilhelm von Pottruff

Wilhelm von Pottruff is a sixteenth century German who has been traveling through Europe. Currently he is serving a German merchant house as an agent in the Tudor courts. He has been know to use his skills as a tailor from time to time and often shares his skills in the arte of rapier play with those that wish to learn.

Visit his costuming web site.

Lady Matilda La Zouche

Lady Alyse Blackcloak

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